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Q. Do I need a Certificate of Insurance for all our events?
A. No, only for those events in which the venue owner requires you to provide one.

Q. Are we insured for just car show type events?
A. Pretty much any club activity other than races, etc., is covered by our limited liability policy. When in doubt, contact us.

Q. OK, we pay $225.00 for our registration fee and receive back 6 VVWCA club memberships and are certified as a Chapter Club of the VVWCA. How are the memberships to be used or can we give them out to current members of the VVWCA and extend their membership?
A. The club memberships are not intended for current members. You cannot extend a current membership with them. They should be given out to new members only. Certificates may be redeemed for electronic access to our online E-Edition and discounts on regalia. You can use them as door prizes, club attendance awards or you could sell them to help generate non-dues income, etc.

Q. Do I understand this correctly, our club will be paid for submitting stories to be published in the Vintage Voice?
Yes. You can earn up to $100.00 in Cash Back rewards over the course of the year. Organize an event, write a story, submit it and if we publish it … you'll receive a check as soon as it runs. Good as cash.

Q. So what does it really cost for our club to become a designated chapter of the VVWCA?
A. Actually, nothing. You have the opportunity to recoup your registration fees by submitting stories for us to publish about your event. The cost of purchasing 6 memberships is valued at an average of $72.00. PLUS! Our umbrella liability policy is a benefit to your club without any additional cost. Many clubs deem it as being priceless. It’s can used for as many events as you need it for throughout the year too saving your chapter a lot of money

Q. We're a Volkswagen club but are not associated with the VVWCA. Could we buy insurance from you anyway?
A. No. The VVWCA does not sell insurance nor are we authorized to represent our insurance company. Chapter clubs earn the right to be covered under our limited liability umbrella policy. This is a benefit of being associated with the VVWCA.

Q. What does "club in good standing" mean and how does a club achieve this standard.
A. Just follow the guidelines as defined on this page. It's really not that hard. If you're concerned at all, contact us.

Q. Why do we have to fill out a request for club certification every year. Can't you just use last year's paperwork? 
A. No. It just doesn't work that way. Clubs come and go as do members and officers. We just don't have the people power to keep track of everyone's members. If VVWCA club benefits are important to your club, the responsibility to fill out the paperwork and verify your own members is yours. I recommend you fill out the application when you send in your chapter dues. The VVWCA will do all it can to invoice you at least 30 days prior to the due date to make it easy to remember. Please keep us informed if any e-mail addresses change, that’s how we communicate.

Q. Are we required to send to you a complete copy of our membership list. Doesn't this violate privacy issues? What do you do with this list? 
A. No you are not required to do so.

If you should have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: president@vvwca.com or vp@vvwca.com.